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Policy Provisions and Trusts

Regaining consumer trust means small print is dead.

For death benefit claims, it also means fixing the reasons

trusts aren’t working.

Policy provisions

Easy-read Ts&Cs are less risky - lawyers need to think of FOS, and Twitter, not courts. Well managed customer expectations are the best defence against disputes. 

So we combine legal and technical expertise with marketing and behavioural science insights to transform the small print. 

Plus, as part of the process, you get the bonus of an additional experienced set of eyes on the detail of your proposition specification, where oversights evading the sign-off team can be spotted.

Faster Death Pay-outs

Probate delays and intimidating indemnity agreements reinforce public perception that insurers don’t want to pay out. 

Trusts are supposed to solve this, but fall far short in almost every way. On-line replications of the traditional trust solution do little to help. 

So over a number of years we have developed an alternative approach for which we now have the backing of a legal opinion. 

This unintrusive complement to the application process has the added advantage of underpinning your regular customer contact strategy. 

It also has the potential to transform how you deal with your existing business.


Jeremy Cousins of JRC Consultancy

“Ruth provided expertise in the creation of policy provisions for a newly-formed insurance carrier. The templates will form the basis for new documentation across many jurisdictions within the European personal life insurance market. Ruth brought extensive knowledge to the project and could always be relied on to produce the highest quality. Focused on ensuring that the customer lens is applied to all activities, Ruth is able to explain product features and benefits in a simple and straightforward way.”

Mick James, Business Development Director at RGA 

“As a part of ILAG I worked with Ruth trying to find a way to pay life assurance claims more quickly. Her insight and deep knowledge of the law fast tracked our project and led us to focus in on trying to create a nominations solution. This project has involved HMT, MoJ, FSA, Law Commission and many other areas and Ruth's ideas were central to getting things started. I'd recommend Ruth for her technical knowledge and also for having strong determination and drive to try and do the right thing for customers.”

Ruth is well placed to safely lead you into customer-friendly territory. 

She has many years in protection marketing, a law degree and a long track record of delivering solutions 

for policy provisions and trusts challenges not previously tackled.  

Contact us to find out what would be involved.

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