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Innovation Partners

Opportunities to compete more effectively on customer engagement lie in working with partners outside the industry. 

This is why we have looked for opportunities where collaboration with non-traditional partners can help insurers and for novel ways of tackling old problems. A key example is the non-trust legal solution we have developed for faster death payouts.  

So beyond our insurer and distributors network, we have developed relationships with businesses from other varied fields of expertise for:

  • taking wearable technology and health platforms to the next level
  • big data solutions backed by actuarial science
  • bringing behavioural science and market research technology together for more  

       effective market testing and advertising development

  • “plug-in” solutions to integrate more agile customer-facing systems with existing insurer IT infrastructure
  • enhanced customer relationship management tools to personalise the customer experience insurance staff can give for increasing conversion rates
  • existing customer contact strategies and engagement tools which are proven to enhance persistency and increase revenues

Contact us if you are interested in finding out more about any of these areas.

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